Crystal Harmony

Introduction to Dowsing


 Introduction to dowsing, and how I got in to it, Geopathic stress, earth energies.

Protection, PAPS

Tools of dowsing

Basic dowsing methods

·         Dowse using rods

·         Dowse using a pendulum

dowsing practice

Know the sorts of questions to ask when dowsing

have had time to practice using pendulum and or rods


Protection visualization

Take three deep breaths and release them slowly through the mouth.

Close your eyes and send a shaft of white light up into the heavens and pull down the white energy of the heavens, send your intent down into the earth and draw up the earths energy, pull back from each and be contained within your body again, then imagine gold balls about the size of a tennis ball in front of you, mentally place these balls in front and back of your charkas put a symbol on them such as a cross if this has meaning for you. Start with the crown chakra then the brow chakra, throat, heart, solar plexus, and base charkas remember to place the balls in front and at the back of the charkas, this doesn’t shut them down but helps to protect them from outside influences. Next imagine a bubble around yourself that lets in helpful beneficial energy and keeps out harmful energy. Remember to place this under your feet and above your head.  Fill this bubble with beneficial energy make this whatever colour you feel is right for you. I usually use white or gold. Call in your guides and helpers, ask for guidance and help to dowse.


Introduction to dowsing

The British society of dowsers promotes dowsing and runs training courses.

How does dowsing work?  This is still under discussion, some say it is minute differences that the body feels but are too small for us to recognize which cause minute muscle tremors which cause the dowsing implement to move, or where abstract questions are asked the response may be from our subconscious.  Others say that it is universal energy which we can all learn to tap into which provides us with the answers we are dowsing for. Other spiritual interpretations for dowsing include information from guides and spirit.



When dowsing you may be looking for energies that are potentially damaging, protecting yourself while dowsing is therefore very important. Protection can be accomplished by calling in your guides and helpers for protection and with a visualization which helps to protect your chakras.


Whenever you dowse always ask these questions.

Do I have Permission to dowse? (May I dowse?)

Do I have the Ability to dowse? (Do I have the skills am I capable of dowsing?)

Do I have Purpose to dowse? (Is it appropriate for me to dowse this area?)

Is it Safe for me to dowse? (May I proceed in confidence and safety?)


Once you know about these questions they can be shortened to:-

 Do I have PAPS to dowse about……..?  If the answer is no the questions can be separated down again to  find out which question is no. you can ask is there anything I can do to get PAPS, it may be that you need to put up more protection or sleep or meditate before dowsing. Always use these checks they are for your safety, most dowsing holds no danger, but these questions help to ensure that you don‘t get in over your head.

If you do not have PAPS is it something you maybe shouldn’t be dowsing about, or are you really not in a fit state to dowse today? If you do not get PAPS to dowse please take note of it.



Tools of dowsing

Y rods, L rods, Pendulums    


Basic dowsing methods -Dowsing should be done safely.  Before dowsing ground and centre and protect yourself.

To dowse with a pendulum

Hold the chain between the fore-finger and thumb about two to four inches above the crystal with the fingers pointing downwards.

Start by setting the pendulum in motion towards and away from you stating that this is the search position.  This is also the position the pendulum may use for a 'don’t know' answer.

Next ask the pendulum to show you a yes response and wait for it to change direction. This may be a circle in one direction or a line in a different direction.

Once you have a yes return the pendulum to the search position and ask it to show you a no this will hopefully be in the opposite direction to a yes.


If the pendulum doesn’t automatically do either of these then show it what you want as a yes position and say to yourself this is a yes and then do the same with the no if need be.  Then try again saying or thinking show me a yes.



You need to ask questions with a yes or no answer. First ask do I have PAPS to dowse?  Dowsing takes literal meaning of words in a question and you need to be very specific. If you ask if there are 6 feet between here and the door? Do you mean in distance or in the number of feet on people between here and the door.


Basic Dowsing rules

Respect PAPS

Never dowse a person without their permission respect their privacy

Never use dowsing for evil or selfish means

It is fine to dowse for yours or other needs

Do not try to diagnose unless you are a doctor.

Keep an open mind

Keep it simple

Personally I always like to check my answers by asking:-

Are you telling me true?

Is there any doubt you’re telling me true?

Are you just telling me what you think I want to hear?

(Is there any outside interference with my dowsing?)


Dowsing practice


Ÿ Do I have PAPs to dowse today?

Ÿ is my name ……?

Ÿ is my name Lionel Blair?

Ÿ how old is …..? (Use me I don’t mind.)


These questions are just to get you started. If in doubt about asking a question use the PAPS question again first.


Bonding with your pendulum/dowsing tool

When dowsing you tap into universal energy to get the best out of your dowsing bonding with your pendulum is therefore helpful, change these words to suit your own belief system as appropriate.


I … (name)….. The owner of this pendulum /dowsing tool declare that only the Force for Good can respond to my questions and that all answers shall always be given in the Love of Truth when using this pendulum/dowsing tool. I promise to use my pendulum/dowsing tool only for Good.


I … (name)….. Ask the Force for Good to guard all my dowsing, to obtain only answers given in the Love of Truth, given from all available sources, and given in terms of the present time and locations that I understand as a human being on this earth.


Andrea Blair 2010,